The Easiest Way to Send a Walkaround Video in a Text Message

If you're using Walkaround Videos at your dealership, you already know how easy it is to record a personalized video for a prospect and send it to them in a fully branded email right from your smartphone.  But did you know that you can automatically send them a text message with a link to their video at the same time? Did you know that in general, 98% of text messages are opened and read? That's pretty staggering when compared with email and social media. Text messaging is becoming an increasingly popular way for car dealers to communicate with your potential customers, and for them to communicate with you.


With the addition of SMS functionality to Walkaround Videos, automatically sending a text message is really easy!  Simply record your video as you normally would, and when entering the contact information for the person you want to send the video to, you'll see a new field for phone number.  Simply enter your prospect's mobile number, and we'll take care of the rest.

If you don't see the phone number field in your account, just let us know. That probably means we haven't enabled text messaging for your dealership yet, but we can easily turn it on and show you how easy it is to use!